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How does Hand Sanitizer work?
Hand Sanitizer contains high concentrated alcohol, which is suitable for cleaning all types of dirt. Alcohol helps in killing most bacteria, when it is rubbed on the hands for about 30 seconds. It eliminates many forms of bacteria and viruses. It has been proven very effective against precarious bacteria like methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Another reason why hand sanitizer is so successful because it is very easy and quick to use. Un like hand washing which requires warm water, soap and lathering and rubbing for 2 minutes, whereas with a rub of 30 Seconds, will give you the same level of cleanliness, in absence of water and soap.

Hand Sanitizers is not effective in situation where hands are kept wet frequently, in hospitals were medial worker comes in contact with bodily fluids and some dirt which requires thorough hand washing.

Hand Sanitizer will only gives optimal result if it is applied in methodically manner. One should squirt hand sanitizer into his palm, rub it for 30 Seconds, and be sure to get every single spot.

Hand sanitizer should also not replace hand washing in any setting. In general, hand sanitizer provides the best results when used after one thoroughly washes one’s hands.

Why Foam Soap is better than Liquid Soap?
Foam Soap will give you a unique experience of hand washing, with its rich and creamy lather is become convenient and easy to use with a mood of luxury. It is gives you a pre lathered form of soap, since you do not have to give much effort to make dissolve the liquid soap. It makes it easier for you to wash your hand when you are in a hurry.
Another reason that makes foaming Soap dispenser so successful as it save more money than liquid soap, respective to the fact that liquid soap have the tendency to run down between your fingers and leave a messy trail which means lots of wastage.

Using Foam soap also supposedly reduces water wastage, as it requires no water to make rich creamy lather and well as it’s easy to rinse hands.
The best part of foaming soap dispenser is its ability to create a stiff whipped form that does not drip off from your hands. Unlike liquid soap getting stuck between fingers undissolved or leaving residues. Therefore washing it under running water is fast and easier.

Foam soap comes with antibacterial formulation, fruity scent and added ingredients to moisturize the skin that makes the soap more appealing. Foaming soap dispenser with its user friendly & luxurious nature has become more attractive and brings an element of fun into hand washing.

Bar Soap Vs Liquid Soap
There is an ongoing debate on which type of soap is better.

Health Risk 
As bar soap is left exposed to moisture it is more likely to grow small amounts of bacteria. Germs can grow on bar soap and easily spread from one person to another. Bar soap can be used in a house hold if no one has skin infection. Bar soap should not be used in public places, anyone in your household has akin infection. Liquid soap on the other hand, comes in a bottle with a pump dispenser, which requires a push at the top to dispense soap. This leaves the possibility that to reduce cross contamination, as no one touches the soap. This helps to ensure better hand hygiene than bar soap.

Liquid soap comes in a packaging with a pump dispenser, they are very practical to use in the shower, but it is easy to overestimate the amount of soap you need. Soap bar, on the other hand, turns slimy and slips. Everywhere but you only use the needed amount.

Effect on skin 
Liquid soap contains a lower pH level than bar soap and is thus gentler and suitable for people with sensitive skin. It is also able to retain more than 30% of skins natural moisture and thus liquid soap is good for dry skin too. Unlike bar soap which have a higher pH level than liquid soaps. Such bar soaps can be more drying to the skin. However, with increasing demand many moisturizing soaps with glycerin, oils and other moisturizing agents can be easily found in the market.

Bar soap turns slimy or mushy in stranding water that leads to a mess as well as to wastage. Liquid soap on the other hand never gets mushy.

Environment Friendly 
Liquid soap are not environmental friendly due to the use of plastic container and dispensing device, both of these things take up more space in the landfill. Bar soap on the other hand are more environmental friendly cleaning products as they don’t use plastic for packing. They are packed in either paper or card board that are biodegradable material.

Is hand sanitizer good or bad?
It was the time when hand sanitizer were commonly found in hospitals, schools and day care centers but now because of it increased popularity now you can find it everywhere, because of its compact packing people can carry them in their purses, gym bags, briefcases, cars, but still there is a ongoing debate whether hand sanitizer are good or bad.

People uses hand sanitizer primarily because they are convenient and they are effective for killing germs. Hand sanitizer works because of its high concentration of alcohol. When it is rubbed on the hands for about 15 seconds it really eliminate many forms of bacteria and germs.

Hand sanitizer should have concentration of at least 60% or higher for effective killing of bacteria & viruses. Most experts agree that a hand sanitizer containing an alcohol concentration between 62 to 95% is very effective.

Hand sanitizer is a safe & effective method of disinfecting hands. A person who uses hand sanitizer is also likely to show slower redevelopment of bacteria. However studies shows that use of hand sanitizer in schools is relatable to a drop in illness rates and better attendance records.
Alcohol been a main agent can dry out the skin, but most of the hand sanitizer now days contain moisturizers to avoid skin dryness. The most common concerns regarding the safety of hand sanitizers involves that it should be kept out of the reach of young children and moreover due to alcohol content it becomes flammable, therefore it should not be stored or used anywhere near heat or fire.

Is hand sanitizer good or bad? Hand sanitizer is a good and effective way to cleanse and disinfect the hands when soap and water are not available, it should not replace hand washing, in general hand sanitizer provides the best results when used after thoroughly wash one’s hands.